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Fuel services in various of Airports in Europe, Asia, Africa.
Fuel Types (JETA-1, TS-1) form multiple suppliers under our supervising and coordination
Luggage Repair & Replacement Services <LRRS>
The best solution for damaged Luggage repair or replacement for Airlines and even for individuals . We are offering work as a single orders and on agreement basis. We will save your time and money. Luggage Repair & Replacement Service includes pick-up and delivery from/to agreed locations in Tbilisi and all over the Georgia.
Flight Services. Supervision & Coordination
Flight services are different in various Airports and in reality it makes difficulties for Airlines to coordinate flexible and smoothly so we will manage it for you.
  • Permissions and slot arrangement
  • Station management and representation
  • Supervision of passenger handling service (dedicate staff)
  • Supervision of Ramp handling service (dedicate staff
  • Liaise with fuel suppliers
  • Liaise with catering suppliers
  • Crew accommodation and transportation from/to hotel
  • Passengers accommodation and transportation from/to hotel
  • Business lounge arrangement
Flight Tickets & Tours
Book tickets to all destinations and you will receive it on your Email, whats-up, Viber, we-chat etc. Booking tickets through out live chat. Online consultations, to get best offer with best price in couple of minutes. You can also book tours in Georgia and visit beautiful parts of this Country with experienced and multi language guides.
In-flight Catering
In-flight Catering service for Airlines and Charter companies. Efficient communication, overview of detailed menus to create exact product what do you expect.
Our Team, with huge experience in In-flight catering area of aviation indubitably will meet you requirements.
Charter Arrangement

Clear Sky can organize charter flights for bigger groups of passengers on a different of aircrafts, narrow- and wide-body airliners. Our Clear Sky personnel can arrange a variety of charters involving cargo planes and helicopters for all your shipping requirements, from small, urgent parcels to outsize goods.

Airline Consulting & Solutions

Consultancy for newborn Airlines and Airlines welling to optimize costs in Ground Handling Services, Catering Services and Fuel. Customizing services in manner to save expanses. Handling budget creation and optimization. Solutions for purchase of ground handling and catering equipment. Optimization of Human resources, Staff, Sifts, wages. Assistance in agreements with service providers in meaning of avoid additional costs in future operations.

Aircraft Maintenance

Line Maintenance for Aircraft types (Rating A1):
  • Boeing 737-300/400/500 With engine types CFM56-3
  • Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 engine types CFM56-7
  • Line Maintenance
  • Defect Rectification and replacement of Line
  • Replaceable Units (RLU's)
  • Minor Modification

Cargo Handling

Arrangement and Coordination of Freight and Cargo Flights

About Us

Creative Solutions
Clear Sky was founded in 2019 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative fully packaged service provider for Airlines. Based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our team consist of professionals and well experienced personnel, With huge experience in Aviation. We approach each of our client individually, In accordance with their needs, customized services and optimized costs.
We offer various branch of services such as, Handling in airport, Cargo Handling, Catering, Aviation Fuel, flight Tickets & tours, Baggage services (Repairs, replacement, pick-up and delivery), Aircraft Maintenance, Airline Consulting and solutions.
You can contact us any time and we will get back to you promptly.

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Airport settlement 46/18, P.O. Box 0158.

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